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Borlänge kortsällskap
The Family Pot
Veckans Rek



PokerFinnkampen (PFK) is a well-known tournament for the Swedish and Finnish poker community.
The idea of this battle amongst nations is based on the original concept called Finnkampen that is an athletic competition between on its 11th anniversary and is usually hosted in Tallinn due to the geographic placement.
PFK is a 2 day tournament with a low buy-in for the leisure player and offers a lot of fun during the play and late nights in the hotel and casino bar. It´s a social and “team creating” event that your average player looks forward to being participating in. You make a lot of friends in both camps and the PFK concept creates memories for life.

The Main Event, whereas it is a competition between countries it is also a competition between the players, a “normal” tournament.

The concept is based on 3 different formats; a terminator; an individual; a country ranking.

There are payouts for the terminator system (€25 for each knock out) and for the individual (€300 from the buy-in goes to the tournament prizepool).

For each player, a country gets a ranking point dependent on place. All points are then counted for and we can crown the winning country.

We will also host tourneys such as Sviten Special, PLO and Deep Stack Texas – all with affordable buy ins.
Get ready for poker action around the clock!

We promise that you´ll have a lot of fun, drink a lot of Saku and make a lot of friends on this event.


The player hotel is the Hilton Tallinn Park located a couple of minutes from the Old Town.
There´s a very nice lobby with lounge areas and a bar and on the second floor you´ll find a quality restaurant called the Able Butcher.

On the same floor you´ll find the spa with a indoor & outdoor pool overlooking the park below.
Obv. all the rooms are Hilton standard.

The casino has an entrance from the hotel lobby. Perfect.





The Casino is a fashionable casino that offers most of what you expect from a world class casino, it has a bar area that´s placed in the center overlooking the poker tables, stage and a couple of wide screen TV:s that will air whatever sports you desire… almost.

The casino is operated by Olympic Casino so you know that the staff has a high level of service and knowledge about the various games offered.

There´s however one criteria to enter the casino – you have to be at least 21 years old.


Tallinn is a fantastic city with plenty of options when it comes to accommodation. Also transportation from Sweden and Finland is inexpensive and offers a lot of options from different companies.


PFK 2006
Nation FINLAND – Player Ilari Sulasalmi
PFK 2007
Nation FINLAND – Player Dino Dinler
PFK 2008
Nation FINLAND – Player Antti Lehtinen
PFK 2009
Nation FINLAND – Player Minna Ritakorpi

PFK 2010
Nation FINLAND – Player Dino Dinler
PFK 2011
Nation FINLAND – Player Jari-Pekka Honkala
PFK 2012
Nation FINLAND – Player Martin Johansson
PFK 2013
Nation FINLAND – Player Joni Jouhkimainen
PFK 2014
Nation SWEDEN – Player Soile Lerviks
PFK 2015
Nation SWEDEN – Player Oktay Öczelik

PFK 2016
Nation FINLAND – Player Olli Huuskonen
PFK 2017
Nation Sweden – Player Ilkka Hannula
PFK 2018
Nation Finland – Player Viktor Lundvall


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